The Best Halloween Movies to Watch: 2023

Halloween simply wouldn’t be Halloween without the accompanying films, just as Christmas has its music and Valentine’s Day has its chocolates. Without a doubt, the candy apples, costumes, and jack-o-lanterns are nice. There’s nothing quite like watching Halloween movies in the dark to get you in the mood for Halloween

Nothing gets you in the mood for the spooky season like a movie night featuring the best chainsaw-wielding, spellbinding, hair-raising movies. A good Halloween movie can be enjoyed by anyone—some of them aren’t even scary—you don’t even have to be a fan of the horror genre! They are simply brimming with the October fun that we only have 31 brief days to enjoy. So get out the extra candy, turn off every light, lock every door, and prepare yourself for the best of the best Halloween movies.

1. Orphan: First Kill

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In 2009’s excellent horror-thriller “Orphan,” Isabelle Fuhrman was nothing short of amazing as she convincingly portrayed a 9-year-old psychopath with a shrouded past and a significant secret. As Ester in this latest instalment of the “Orphan” saga, Furman, now 25 years old, reprises her role thirteen years later and gives what is arguably an even more impressive performance. However, since this is a prequel rather than a sequel, Ester would be even younger than in the original movie. Seriously, this film has no business being as good as it is, yet here we are with a must-watch movie for horror fans and bloodhounds this Halloween season. Ester’s adoptive mother is portrayed by Julia Stiles, who clearly enjoys herself in the part.

Where to watch:- Amazon Prime.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The story focuses on the serial killer Leatherface targeting a group of young adults and coming into conflict with a vengeful survivor of his previous murders. There have been nine entries in this opulent and gory franchise, with the best being the groundbreaking Tobe Hooper-directed original from 1974, which is unquestionably among the Top 5 horror films of all time, and the worst being 1995’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation,” which, believe it or not, was the screen debut of both Renée Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey.

Fortunately, this most recent installment leans more toward the former and deserves to be listed among the best movies in the series. It offers up the kind of Leatherface (played by the hulking Mark Burnham) that could haunt your dreams; it is intense, brutal, and unrelenting.

Where to watch:- Netflix.

3. Firestarter

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A couple fights tooth and nail to keep their daughter Charlie hidden from a shady federal organization that wants to use her extraordinary talent for using fire as a weapon of mass destruction. Charlie’s father taught her how to control her power, but as she reaches the age of 11, the fire grows more difficult to put out. A mysterious operative finally locates the family and makes an attempt to capture Charlie, but she has other ideas.

Where to watch:- Amazon Prime, ZEE5.

4. X


On the rural Texas property of an elderly couple, a cast and crew gather to shoot a pornographic movie, but they soon find themselves in danger from an unlikely assailant. To shoot an adult movie for the burgeoning theatrical pornography market, aspiring porn actress Maxine Minx travels through Texas in 1979 with her producer boyfriend Wayne, friends Bobby-Lynne and Jackson Hole, director RJ, and RJ’s girlfriend Lorraine. While Lorraine is unimpressed with the movie’s content and RJ makes an effort to make it seem like a serious cinematic work, Bobby-Lynne and Jackson start dating.

Where to watch:- Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV.

5. Men


A widowed woman who travels on holiday to a countryside village but becomes disturbed and tormented by the strange men in the village. Harper Marlowe decides to spend the holiday season alone in the small fictional village of Cotson after her husband James appears to have committed suicide, but her unease at the town’s leering and uncannily similar men grows into a fully fledged nightmare as her arrival awakens something primal in the forest.

Where to watch:- Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play Movies & TV.

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Which of the Halloween movies is best?

Orphan: First Kill is the best Halloween movie of 2023.

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