10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Programming for Free

There are countless opportunities to learn how to code or program, but learning to do them well is not an easy task. Coding and programming are essential skills, from coding a website to assisting with the IT department at a major company. One must attend a coding boot camp or college to break into the coding field. Even though these are free YouTube Channels to Learn Programming, they have covered you all.

The good news is that not all IT education has to be expensive. There are many free online resources to help nascent coders get their feet wet, and many great coding and programming instructors are YouTubers.

1. freeCodeCamp (7.11M Subscribers)

This freeCodeCamp website also has a YouTube channel where they post videos on programming and coding. The site was founded by a non-profit organization as a way to provide free coding training.

On its YouTube channel, freeCodeCamp has accumulated 7.11 million subscribers, ranking it among the top video channels for coders, programmers, and web developers. The company offers both beginner and professional courses. Additionally, it provides free education to people who want to become programmers or just want to learn it for fun.

2. CS Dojo (1.89M Subscribers)

Through the years, CS Dojo has educated its viewers in everything they could possibly need to know with nearly two million subscribers. Aside from teaching programming, the channel also covers finding jobs, interviewing, and dealing with introversion as a coder or programmer in great depth.

While the channel does not have additional content, it is still a great resource for prospective programmers. CS Dojo makes each lesson feel essential for the practical application of Python, JavaScript, algorithmic work, and more with practical tips provided with real-world examples, such as a video series dedicated to providing assistance with starting a startup.

3. ProgrammingKnowledge (1.63M Subscribers)

Video tutorials that are succinct, straight-forward, and numerous work best for some students, while long, in-depth explorations last for hours. ProgrammingKnowledge offers both types of courses. For longer courses, videos may last anywhere from a few minutes to nearly ten hours.

This channel offers videos covering topics such as Linux, Python, Android Development, C++, Java and more, all of which can be used to get anyone up to speed. Even though it may not be as effective as practicing coding on apps, it teaches everything students might desire.

4. The Coding Train (1.55M Subscribers)

It was founded by Daniel Shiffman to provide beginners with creative coding tutorials and challenges on YouTube. Shiffman’s playful teaching style uses bright graphics and full-screen demonstrations to cover a wide range of topics. At the beginning of his videos, he even whistles to signal the departure of the Coding Train.

Besides the basics of coding variables, conditionals, loops, functions, and Twitter bots, Shiffman also engages with his audience through live streams and expert guest interviews. Additionally, he encourages viewers to participate in coding challenges, including the “Estimating Pi From Random Numbers With Euclid’s Algorithm” and “Times Table Cardioid Visualization.”

5. Programming with Mosh (1.55M Subscribers)

In addition to having nearly three million subscribers, Programming With Mosh’s Python course has more than 28 million views. There are several topics covered here, from MySQL to ES6 to Angular, and each video offers bite-sized chunks as well as longer combination videos for users who want to get up to speed quickly.

Besides offering practical videos to help people understand CS, Mosh also offers video tutorials on doubling coding speed. Practical education is always the best, and Mosh’s style has taught millions the basics of CS.

6. Derek Banas (1.22M Subscribers)

The main area of expertise of Derek Banas is programming, mobile, web development. He has a creative and engaging approach when coaching and mentoring students.

One of the most popular programming YouTube channels, Derek Banas has 1.19 million subscribers. His videos are appreciated because he uses an unconventional and entertaining method to teach.

7. The Net Ninja (1.07M Subscribers)

One of the best YouTube channels to learn programming is The Net Ninja. The channel provides beginner, intermediate, and professional levels of programming training, in addition to playlists designed to benefit students in different ways.

It is divided into programming specifics so that students can understand It better. For example, if you want to learn Node.js, you can refer to the Node.js course playlist, where you can learn everything about Node.js, from the basics to the advanced topics.

8. Academind (846K Subscribers)

Whereas most channels have just one teacher dedicated to teaching, Academind offers two educators to teach the public. With 846,000 subscribers and over 600 videos, Academind has everything a prospective programmer could ask for. Each topic can be taught in whatever length is necessary, so videos can range from less than one minute to a few hours.

In addition to Python, Node.js, and Amazon Web Services, the channel focuses on topics less common like managing GitHubs and even learning more about Excel’s finer features. For beginners, having a guide is incredibly helpful considering the difficulty of learning these things alone.

9. Treehouse (360K Subscribers)

In the case that you are a complete beginner and have no prior knowledge of programming languages, Treehouse’s YouTube channel is the perfect place to start. It’s an online learning platform that offers coding courses and requires a subscription in order to access it. But coding basics are available for free on their YouTube channel.

On Treehouse’s YouTube channel, along with coding tutorials, you can also find content related to web design, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more.

10. Life of Luba (105K Subscribers)

A former chief of staff at Airbnb and Yelp, Yudasina carved a niche for herself in the male-dominated industry with her Life of Luba channel. As well as uploading videos about entrepreneurship in technology, Yudasina is a software engineer, chief of staff, and product manager.

She includes beginner coding tutorials such as “Get Started With Coding: Learn This Line of Code!” and “How to Learn Code (5 Quick Simple Steps)!” She speaks about her experience in Silicon Valley, how she got an internship at Yelp, and how to create a software engineering resume in many of her videos.

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